Elefunc's real-time web gives developers the tools, and infrastructure to build a faster, more personalized Web.

No builds, no reloads, no waits, no distractions

Code at thought speed

Build your ideas real-time with⚡RTCode.io

⚡ Start Coding
Real-time I ⇄ O Sync
Get instant feedback with every change you make! Work as fast as you can type.
🔄 Reload-free Feedback
Never lose state! Make the best CSS animations, transitions, and more! No resets, pure code and creativity.
📲 Remote Output
Work across real devices! Save time and effort targeting multiple enviroments in real-time.
👌🏻 Select 10rem  &  |
Perfect your numbers without waits! See your design evolve in real-time. Enjoy a dynamic and interactive design process.
⚙️ Workers, in-editor → at the edge
Write backend code right in the editor. Enjoy wait-free testing with workers, and deploy them globally with 1 click.
⌨️ Keyboard Superpowers
Fly through your tasks with rapid-fire keyboard shortcuts for everything. No exceptions!
✏️ 1-step Pen Imports
xcodepen.io is our dedicated service to import your pens:
🌐 RTEdge.net Hosting
Give your code the world-wide edge! 285+ cities in Earth's largest network will host your work without cold starts.
🌸 Ready to Use
Code as guest, save your work as bookmarks. Sign in with GitHub, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, or Apple, and deploy to RTEdge.net.

Build with digital intelligence

Work on bigger things

Collaborate on code&edge with RTCode.ai

Build with AI ✨
Summon code into existence
Generate new code from scratch! Explore uncharted territories with comfort and confidence.
✏️ Review and refactor
Have RTCode.ai explain existing code! Refactor it to suit your style and needs.
🐛 Find and fix bugs
Scan your code for bugs and errors!
Fix your problems before they matter.

Launch your code to digital stratosphere

Global Cloud Network

Interact with Earth to explore RTEdge.net 🌐
Click on dots and lines for additional insight.

🌐 Explore
Edit with RTCode.io
Append /? to deployed URLs to launch RTCode.io right where you left off. You are one touch away from making changes!
🌐 World-wide Edge
285+ cities, 228 Tbps edge capacity, and faster than 50 ms for 95% of the world’s Internet-connected population.
🗃️ Multi-tiered Key\Value Storage
const { user   } = env.KV;
const { domain } = env.KV;
const { route  } = env.KV;
⚙️ Edge Workers
Develop backends real-time in our playground, and deploy them to our global network. They will run where your users are!
🏡 Sub- and Custom Domains
We run .rt.ht – world's shortest SaaS eTLD. A unique home for your work before you move to custom domains.

The World-Wide Edge

Deploy your code to Earth's largest network

Points of Presence
AWS, Azure, Cloudflare, GCP, OCI

We are active in the best startup programs!

Cloudflare Microsoft Azure OpenAI AWS Oracle Cloud Google Cloud

Frequently asked questions

Have a different question and can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our support team by sending us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What is RTCode.io?
RTCode.io is a real-time web development playground for HTML, CSS, and JS. Changes in your code reflect instantly in the output, and vice versa. It supports in-editor Workers for backend code, that can be deployed to RTEdge.net.
What is RTCode.ai? 🆕
RTCode.ai is our brand-new AI services offering. The agents we develop will assist you in our playground and at the edge.
What is RTEdge.net?
RTEdge.net is our global, multi-cloud, edge network. It gives your creations the world-wide edge with distributed hosting that auto-scales.
What are Workers?
Workers are JavaScript backend code you can write real-time in our editor, and seamlessly deploy to RTEdge.net.
Which browsers does RTCode.io support?
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We believe in
a web that builds itself.

Cetin & Sunny, Founders of Elefunc, Inc.

About Elefunc, Inc.

Elemental functions
for a better web

We are staunch advocates for the open web and its ever-evolving, standards-based APIs.

At Elefunc, we consciously choose not to align with proprietary, single-company backed frameworks like Angular, Vue, or React. Instead, we focus on harnessing the power of native web platform APIs, grounding our products and services in the vast potential of these foundational technologies. This independence ensures our tools and services remain timeless, agile, and adaptable.

Our approach affords developers a level of simplicity, immediacy, transparency, control, and stability that is lacking in framework-dependent environments. This focus on native APIs fosters a richer understanding of web technologies, opening doors to creativity and innovation.

We're not just building tools and services. We're cultivating a deeper connection to the web and its elemental functions. We believe this dedication to the open, standards-based web platform sets Elefunc, and all products we craft, distinctly apart. Join us, and experience the unfiltered power of the web.


Our team

A close-knit team of two individuals, united by the vision to build a better web.

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